Endless Wonders Under the Sea!

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

-Jacques Cousteau

Join  NYC Urban Sketchers for a morning of marine discovery: 

The ocean is literally a sea of endless wonders. With waters covering over three-fourths of our planet. The horizon reveals waters that never end. The most intriguing is what’s underneath. We have never come close to exploring even a fraction of its deep waters. In fact, we have rarely seen the ocean’s floor beds, but when we have, it has revealed some of the most incredible discoveries one can imagine.

With humans always looking to find and explore every inch of our planet, we have voyaged countless miles of oceanic waters and in the process have left behind a great deal of our past. Some of these artifacts date back a century ago and others go back thousands of years, revealing the incredible past of our existence. In the last century, our ability to explore has improved tenfold with so many recent discoveries, both human and not human, including some of the most baffling maritime wildlife.

Ancient Egypt Underwater
Jaw-dropping Underwater Monuments
Mediterranean Underwater Museum
Canary Islands Underwater Museum
Cannes' Underwater Museum

Yonaguni Jima  (sunken city)
Krishna's lost city
ice fingers of death
Deep Sea Diving Locations
Sunken SS Central America
Apollo Engine Submerged
Giant  Underwater Pyramids
Underwater NJ  Locomotives

Aquatic Life Photography
Getty Images- Coral Reefs
Flowers Under the Sea
Strange Creatures of the Sea
Rainbow Giant Cuttlefish
Beautiful, Rare Creatures in the Deep Sea
Octopus of the Deep
Beautiful Blanket Octopus
Leafy Sea Dragons
Most Incredible Underwater Photos

All Virtual New York Urban Sketchers events are one session (10 am -12 pm EST) held on Saturdays. For participants wanting to challenge themselves sketching more of a particular locality or theme, you are welcome to do the EXTENSION SKETCH PROJECT below:

Under the Sea Extension Sketch Project:
Choose of the following prompt to sketch:
(a) pearl divers
 fantasy mermaid
(c) The Amasan of Japan + video
butanding (whale shark)

*Please post your finished sketches
to the USK NYC Facebook Site
Be sure to add #NUS as a tag on your sketch.

Facilitators of Virtual NYC Urban Sketchers
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  • Lynda Greeley (Mama Bear)
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  • Dina Schlesinger
  • Michael Skelly
  • Elizabeth BIrkby
with the assistance of Mark Leibowitz
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